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Заблокировать папку паролем в windows

Недавно появилась у меня задача заблокировать папку паролем, понятное дело в интернете много программ, но все они работают по принципу простого скрытия папки или в программе просто лежит вирус. И как обычно я нашел как все сделать ручками, немного покодив, вот инструкция:

1) Open your notepad in your Windows.

2) Copy the below code completely in your notepad. Starting from cls to End.

3) Now save this file as any filename.bat .bat extension is must without that extension this method will not work. You can give whatever file name you wanted.

4) After saving this file open it and a new folder will be created called MyFolder. Now take all your personal folders, documents,pictures, videos whatever you wanted to lock and move them in to MyFolder.

5) Again double click on filename.bat >> Then you will see a command prompt like below image. Then press Y to lock your folder.

protect folders with password

6) To unlock the folder again double click on the filename.bat you will be asked to enter your password as shown in
figure below. The default password will be fasttechbuzz.

lock files

How to change default password?

If you want to change your password replace fasttechbuzz with your password which is highlighted with blue color in the above snippet of code.

Watch This Tutorial now.Watch it on Full Screen.

Caution: Don’t change any code other than password. To unlock folders which were hidden you should place the filename.bat file in the same location where your files were hidden.

Источник: http://fasttechbuzz.com

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